A roof for the education of street kids in Medellin, Colombia, co-funded by the Department of Immigration and Cooperation of the Community of Madrid. Through this project, 633 street kids (“gamines”) in the city of Medellin receive shelter, health, education, and – above all – A LOT OF LOVE. Through this project, the construction of two buildings has been co-financed where street kids can be taken care of (Foundation “Ximena Rico Llano” and Foundation “Antorchas de Vida”)
• Total value of the project: 194.782€
• Presented by Foundation Mano Amiga (Spain) and Carita Feliz
• Financed by Comunidad de Madrid: 109.200€
• Beneficiaries:
– Foundation Ximena Rico Llano: 54.600€
– Foundation Antorchas de Vida: 54.600€