Why another foundation to help children in need? Is it not better to channel efforts through an established foundation of recognised standing?

There are certainly many foundations that work with marginalised children, and all of them that operate ethically, openly and rigorously are welcome and deserve our support.  The Happy Face Foundation however, has specific aims that set it apart from the vast majority of foundations that work with children, since it concentrates its efforts on providing integrated education for socially marginalised children and facilitating the adoption of orphans and abandoned children.

In addition to its mission and specific foundational aims, the foundation is, and always will be, run like a business intent on fulfilling the principle of total quality across the full range of its activities.

How can I be sure that my contributions are used for a specific project or activity?

In addition to the rigorous use of its accounts, the Happy Face Foundation publishes a detailed report during the implementation and on completion of each project, indicating contributions made and the destination of resources.  Moreover, whilst information about benefactors is confidential, information about the foundation is always available to its partners.

Why do these disadvantaged children need an integrated education?

Our children come from an extremely marginalised environment and it is therefore our responsibility not only to teach them to read and write but to ensure that they acquire values that will enable them to become people who can help to transform their environment. This mental and spiritual education will ensure that our children not only feel that they are useful members of society but will also make them aware that they have a genuine reason for living and exerting themselves.

Why does Happy Face Foundation help only children in Latin America and does not operate in other disadvantaged regions such as Africa?

Whilst excluding no country or region from the scope of its action, the Happy Face Foundation nevertheless believes that Latin America not only has a vast quantity of marginalised children but also many things in common with Spain, the country where the foundation was created and has its headquarters. With regard to Africa, we believe that the current political situation of the majority of the countries ion this continent prevents action in the short term. We must nevertheless reiterate that as long as there are marginalised children in the world this foundation has a reason for existing and exerting its influence.

How does the Happy Face Foundation ensure that its aims are being fulfilled in each country in which it operates and that its resources are not spent on bureaucracy and poor management?

In each of its countries of operation, the foundation has a representative who is totally trustworthy, reliable and committed to helping children.  He or she has been carefully selected by us and is monitored through a detailed reporting system. The foundation is operated according to professional daily monitoring parameters in order to prevent the deployment of efforts and resources to purposes other than those that underpin the project in question.

Some foundations are created to take advantage of tax benefits or for purposes other than those claimed.How can I be sure that Happy Face Foundation will pursue the purposes it promises and will not use most of its funding to support a large management structure?

All the people involved in the Happy Face Foundation have recognised standing in their field and are committed to changing the world and to providing efficient help for the foundation’s children.

They are also aware that each cent spent on administration can be put to good use and purpose in marginalised regions, which means that the running costs of the main headquarters of the Happy Face Foundation are the minimum required to adequately pursue its mission.

In addition to our contributions, what other funding does the foundation receive?

One of the most important tasks of the Happy Face Foundation is publicity, to which we try to bring creativity, dynamism and innovation as a means of ensuring diversity in our fund raising activities.

We are aware that the more sources of finance a foundation has, the more sustainable its survival and growth. In addition to securing state funding, at this foundation we work to secure corporate social responsibility from companies and collaboration from individuals.

What do you mean by a foundation run like a business?

Many foundations are created out of an acute awareness on the part of their founders regarding a specific sector of the population and tend to devote their efforts and resources to fulfilling their mission with little attention to management. The Happy Face Foundation has been managed since its creation by entrepreneurs of recognised standing who apply their professionalism and experience to every area of operation and project in the same way that businesses do.

We believe that the education of children is the greatest enterprise of all, since in their hands lies the future of the world.  We therefore apply the same rigour, openness and professionalism to management as demanded by the business sector.Edit”FAQ ingles”Copyright © Fundación carita