Recover the dignity through education and sports in Medellin, Colombia. This project addresses 1.229 children (619 boys and 610 girls) in the metropolitan area through institutional strengthening of the foundations “Ximena Rico” (co-financing the construction of a new building), “Antorchas de Vida” and “Mano Amiga”, with the aim to include them into the VADE program
 This project is still in execution until August 6th, 2010
• Total value of the project:  517.795€
• Financed by the Community of Madrid:  219.355€ 
• Presented by Fundación Carita Feliz
• Beneficiaries:
– Corporación Mano Amiga (Medellín):  149.355€
– Fundación Ximena Rico Llano:  60.000€
– Fundación Antorchas de Vida:  10.000€